FOI Bodies

The FOI Act 2014 applies to all public bodies (or FOI bodies) that conform to the definition of a public body in section 6 of the Act, unless they are specifically exempt, partially exempt or partially excluded under the provisions of section 42 or Schedule 1 of the Act.


Disputes as to Whether an Entity is a Public Body

Under section 6(7) of the FOI Act, where a dispute arises between the Commissioner and any entity as to whether the definition of a public body applies (or as to the conditions arising), the dispute must be submitted to the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform who will determine the matter. 

The Commissioner has provided his view with regard to whether certain entities are public bodies under the Act.  Where there has been a dispute between the Commissioner and the entity concerned, the matter has been submitted to the Minister for determination.  See further below:

Bodies deemed to be Public Bodies following Minister’s Determination Date of Determination
Office of the Secretary General to the President*

*Note: In 2018, the OIC was informed that the Minister had re-opened his determination in this matter.
 His revised determination remains outstanding
22 November 2017
Bodies deemed NOT to be Public Bodies following Minister’s Determination Date of Determination
Plassey Campus Centre CLG 15 June 2018
Bodies Awaiting Determination by the Minister 
(the Commissioner having considered these Bodies to be Public Bodies)
Date of Referral to Minister
Carlow Arts Centre Ltd t/a Visual 23 January 2019
Kilkenny Abbey Quarter Development Ltd 8 January 2020
Bodies considered not to be Public Bodies by the Information Commissioner Date of Commissioner’s Consideration

Bar Council (General Council of the Bar of Ireland)

25 February 2016

Coroner (Dublin District Coroner, Laois Coroner & Cavan Coroner)

20 March 2017

Education Training Boards Ireland (ETBI) 

20 March 2018

Galway University Foundation CLG

9 January 2018

Honourable Society of King’s Inns

2 April 2019

Horse Sport Ireland

21 October 2021

Institute of Public Health

2 October 2018

Irish Horseracing Regulatory Board (IHRB)

3 March 2020

Irish Management Institute

22 September 2017

Kilkenny LEADER Partnership

18 February 2020

Law Society of Ireland

15 February 2016

North Connacht & Ulster Citizen Information Service

18 February 2022

Professional Development Service for Teachers (PDST)

21 August 2018

Property Arbitrator

12 April 2016

Referendum Returning Officer (Dublin)

18 April 2016

Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI)

21 December 2017

SAGE - Support and Advocacy Service

16 April 2018

Further Information

The Minister for Public Expenditure & Reform has published a Dispute Resolution Policy and Procedure for resolving issues raised under section 6(7) of the FOI Act where a dispute arises over whether an entity is a public body for the purposes of the Act in accordance with section 6(1), or the conditions arising by virtue of that subsection.